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    Our chocolates are made weekly in small batches, guaranteeing a fantastically fresh product  with a taste that is not comparable to mass produced chocolate. We are a family run business that believe that using the freshest local ingredients and sourcing the best products from around the world produces the very best flavours.

    • We don't add extra oils or fats to our chocolates, or pad them out with  fructose syrups.   
    • As we use fresh Irish dairy cream, we have to  use some glucose and inverted sugar, otherwise they wouldn't last a week after being made!
    • There is no gluten used in any of our products or on our premises.
    • Some products contain nuts, and we use nuts and nut products in our workshop.
    • Our workshop is just outside the village of Aughnacliffe, North County Longford, where we moved from after setting up our business originally in Naas, Co. Kildare